HESA Verticals

Hesa Rural

Hesa Rural deals with creating network of franchisees in rural areas to enable access to products and services at affordable cost. This network facilitates in conducting various events and promotion programs in villages. Franchisees are enabled with digital devices to create access to banking/financial services and supply various products through partnerships with relevant companies, in addition to groceries for daily needs. Unique model of Hesa Rural makes it a preferred partner for all companies that have stake in rural markets. Initial geographical focus is in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana.

Hesa Projects

This vertical helps most start-ups in converting their vision into action on the ground. We help them develop and add value on their existing applications and strategy. We address the market needs by reaching out to the target audience through proper segmentation, with both physical and digital marketing strategies.

Hesa Distribution

This vertical partners brands to expand their reach and depth by identifying, shortlisting and appointing associates or franchises. We screen them to ensure that they fit the business type. Ensure they have the relevant network, experience and financials to succeed faster. We take ownership of all the aspects of sales and marketing strategies including brand promotion and revenue enhancement under this vertical.

Hesa Events

An end to end event management vertical that caters to most corporate and consumer needs. We do segment specific events and conferences to address various industries and professionals. Where opportunities and possibilities meet face to face. Our carnival type events and melas have a clear strategy of engaging people of all walks of life with fun and frolic quotient as top priority. An event where every family member feels at home with the right mixture of shopping, adventure, entertaining games and sumptuous food built in.

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