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Urban Marketing

Marketing strategies tailor made to reach the targeted urban audience. That is what we offer, thanks to our highly experienced team with years of hands-on experience in designing and delivering successful Urban Marketing strategies and solutions. We can help you achieve sales targets with much greater accuracy.

India lives in its villages. Rural India is where the new and upcoming middle class is growing. Our rural market understanding and experience with surely help you launch and position your products and services effectively to the most suitable rural market with ease ensuring success.

Rural Marketing

Brand Promotions

Promoting Brands, making lasting impressions into consumer minds positioning products and services into the right market and the right time, your name it, we do it. We design the best strategies to promote your Brand and popularize it to the right customer segment achieving maximum representation.

Promoting and popularizing products and services take lot more efforts and planning than it is perceived. At HESA we help business and start-up to organize and conduct promotional events to build a direct interaction platform with the target customers. Our event marketing team can put together promotional events in short notice with ease.

Event Marketing

Want to reach out to larger audience; we know how to do it with time and within budget. Our ATL solutions crafted by the best in the industry ensure your products and services get the maximum publicity. Our understanding of the market place comes from our in-depth exposure to Urban and Rural marketing practice.

Above Time Line (ATL)

Below Time Line (BTL)

We strategize BTL activations for your products and services through our network of resources spread across a number of districts in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. We are aggressively expanding our reach with a target of 5000+ villages.

In today’s digital world constantly fed by social media tweets and re-tweets, social media is the best tool to reach your customer. Digital Marketing has today opened up a wide array of marketing tools to promote and advertise products and services across a large section of the society. Our Digital Marketing services and solutions guarantees assured success.

Digital Marketing

Corporate Events

Our corporate events management team conducts events on monthly basis for our corporate clients and we can proudly boast that we are not just good, but the best at it, thanks to our skilled and highly motivated team. So weather it is promoting a new product or service or creating social awareness for positioning your brand, you can depend on us.

As a socially responsible organization, we use our expertise and talent for multiple social causes. We regularly conduct social awareness events to help business houses and other organization to reach out to people using social event platform. Come get in touch with us to know more and about our Social events and it’s out-reach to masses.

Social Events

Brand Positioning

Identifying and highlighting the USP’s of your products and services, helping positioning of the brand in the market place is our expertise. Our brand promotion and positioning services are crafted to reach target market in the shortest of time and assure the success of products and services.

Building connections and Co Branding are our specialties. Our team of highly experienced leadership helps business to collaborate and market products and services in a mutually supportive environment which helps bring in market penetration and promotion of all associated products and services.

Co Branding Initiatives

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